The following is applicable to dating in general, but particularly to the dating in an accompanying way, especially being in public spaces and perhaps in an environment that is close to you for professional or social reasons.

Everyone should infer that I am a colleague or friend, or girlfriend. My way of acting and my social development both correspond to a lady, so you will be proud of me being next to you
Please come to our appointment (no matter what kind of it, an accompaniment or an intimate date) properly neat and tidy. That’s the way I will get there showing my respect for you.
The condom use is very important, mandatory and without exception. This is for the safety of both of us. We are adults and we must act in a responsible manner.

Although our relationship is based on business, keep in mind that I am an independent woman with my own needs and conditions. I expect the same respect you wish to receive from my part.

During our time together, I’ll be treating you like you were my boyfriend, my friend or my professional colleague. In return I expect from you an equivalent behavior especially when we are in public – so that our date will be unforgettable.